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Highlands Union Bank

Cash Flow Optimization

Night Deposit

If you are unable to make your business deposits during regular hours, our Night Depository service may be the solution. Located outside our branch locations, these vaults allow customers to deposit tamper resistant deposit bags for processing the next business day. Each bag is verified under dual control or may be held, at business request, in the lobby for verification until a representative from your business is able to be present. Speak with any Customer Service Representative in your local branch for more details.

Treasury Management Sweep

  • Maximize interest earned on excess collected balances
  • Establish a predetermined target balance
  • Combine with Line of Credit Sweep (optional)

Line of Credit Sweep

  • Link your checking account and line of credit for automatic funding
  • Use excess cash to reduce outstanding principal balance on line of credit
  • Combine with Treasury Management Sweep (optional)

Zero Balance Account

  • Automate funds collection and/or disbursement
  • Maximize interest earnings
  • Establish optional target balance

Cash Vault Service

For more information, contact us at