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Highlands Union Bank

Welcome Guide Timeline

For more information, please feel free to stop by your local branch or
call the Client Care Center at (800) 971-4671.
Date Item Notes
01/02  First Community Bank will begin accepting loan payments on January 2. The servicing of your Highlands Union Bank loan will be transferred to First Community Bank. Please review the Mortgage Servicing Letter with details about your mortgage loan payments. 
01/02 -
Your new First Community Bank

Visa © Check Card (Debit Card) will arrive by U.S. Mail.

Your new First Community Bank Visa © Check Card (debit card) will be ready for use beginning at 8 a.m. on Monday, January 20. Your Highlands Union Bank debit/ATM card will be deactivated on Monday January 20.
If you should have any questions, the First Community Bank Client Care Center is here to help at (800) 971-4671.
If you did not receive your First Community Bank Visa © Check Card to replace your Highlands Union Bank debit/ATM card, please stop by any First Community Bank or People's Community Bank branch starting Jan 21, and pick up your new card in minutes. 
01/02 -
Watch the U.S. Mail for new First Community Bank Visa © Check Card PIN. PINs may be customized by contacting the Clinet Care Center or your branch. 
01/17  All former Highlands Union Bank branches are now First Community Bank or People’s Community Bank branches, and will close at 3 p.m., January 17, to prepare for the conversion to First Community Bank over the holiday weekend. For your convience, ATMs at the transitioning branches will be operational over the weekend.
01/17 Online Banking customers should stop using Highlands Union Bank Online Banking system. Online Banking users will have access to First Community Bank's Online Banking system at 8 a.m. on January 20.  Once logged in, review and verfiy pending payments and recurring transfers are correct. Please help us expedite your Bill Pay payments by reviewing remittance addresses ahead of time. 
01/17 Payee information and scheduled payments in Highlands Union Bank Bill Pay system will be automatically transferred to First Community Bank's Bill Pay system.  Highlands Union Bank will discontinue Bill Pay payments on January 17. The final day to schedule Highlands Bank Bill Pay payments is January 12. 
01/20 Customer information will be available through First Community Bank's Xpress Telephone Banking.  You may call toll-free (888) 695-2265 to check balances, as well as to create a one-time transfer. 
01/20 Your account information will become available to First Community Bank's Client Care Center. While the Client Care Center will not be able to access your account information until January 20, our staff is available for assistance throughout the transition at (800) 971-4671.
01/20 Mobile Banking users can access First Community Bank's  Mobile Banking system on January 20.  To utilize Mobile Banking with First Community Bank, you will need to sign up for First Community Bank's Online Banking. Then, to sign in to First Community Bank's Mobile Banking, you'll need to download the First Community Bank Mobile Banking app for iOS and Android devices. 
01/21 Current direct deposit into or automatic payments out of and account at Highlands Union Bank will continue. Don't worry. Your direct deposit or automatic payments will be passed to us by Highlands Union Bank. We will notify the sender initiating transactions to start sending them to First Community Bank. 
01/21 Update any automatic payments that access your account using your 

Visa © Check Card (debit card) and that will be drafted on or after Jan 21. 

If you used your Highlands Union Bank debit/ATM card to set up automatic payments, be sure to give that payeee you new First Community Bank card.
04/30 Service Charge waivers for retail/ personal and business/commercial products expire. All monthly retail/personal and  business/commercial service charges will be waived until April 30, 2020.  
For more information, please feel free to stop by your local branch or
call the Client Care Center at (800) 971-4671.